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April 2021 Camp King Overnight Drill
The Baton Rouge Division returned to Camp King for their April 2021 drill. At the beginning of drill Cadets Musso and Ryan crossed over from the League Cadets to the Sea Cadets. Cadets attended a boating safety course conducted by Coast Guard personnel, practiced rifle drills, learned about and took apart small engines, and returned to normal Physical Fitness Test training with appropriate COVID precautions. At the end of drill, cadets received well earned promotions and awards.

March 2021 Carville Overnight Drill
The Baton Rouge Division deployed to Carville for their March 2021 drill. Cadets practiced marching, ran the obstacle course, and attended a presentation by high school seniors soon to ship off to the Naval and Coast Guard Military Academies.

February 2021 Jefferson Baptist Church Day Drill & Overnight Drill at Camp Villere
The Baton Rouge Division conducted two drills in February 2021. The first was a day drill at Jefferson Baptist Church where cadets worked on marching and attended classes in military history, military ranks, and military etiquette. The second drill was an overnight at Camp Villere where cadets worked on marching, trained in tactical building entry scenarios, and participated in physical training. On Sunday, an awards ceremony was held to recognize all cadets for their hard work in 2020. Petty Officer 1st Class Blaise Penton was awarded League Cadet of the Year. Petty Officer 3rd Class Jake Velasquez was awarded Sea Cadet of the Year. Both were chosen by their fellow cadets for this honor. Congratulations to all members of the Baton Rouge Division for their hard work and dedication in 2020.


October Tactical / Firefighter Training
The Baton Rouge Division held their October drill at the National Guard Base in Slidell, Louisiana. Then Slidell Fire Dept. is co-located at the base and allowed the Sea Cadets the use of their training field for firefighter training. Cadets also ran the National Guard obstacle course as a team in a tactical scenairo. Cadets enjoyed a classroom presentation of small arms of the 20th century with real examples of rife and handguns from WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. The new Type III Navy uniforms were issue to cadets in preparation for Winter Recruit Training (RT) and our Annual Inspection. Awards and promotions earned during the last month were handed out at the end of drill. A good time was had by all


Operation Feed Lake Charles

The Baton Rouge Division and its sponsors made several trips to the Lake Charles area in the days after Hurricane Laura.  The Cadets and sponsors served meals and performed storm clean up. The Cadets prepared and served over 1500 meals to the community. They also removed storm debris and put blue tarps on roofs at 4 houses.


September Drill & Family Day

On 19 Sept 2020, Baton Rouge Division conducted drill at their home base, Lion King Ministries. Cadets learned how to march, properly fold their nation's flag, tie knots, and how to raise and lower the colors. New recruits were issues uniforms and began the training necessary to attend Recruit Training this winter. Despite the setbacks of COVID, the Baton Rouge Division continues to grow. Several new recruits joined and have begun their journey in the Sea Cadets. Welcome aboard to all the new Recruits and Parents!! Afterwards, the Baton Rouge Division marched the pavilion where a family day lunch was served and awards issues. Many of the cadets received awards. Great Job Cadets!! We are proud of you for your hard work and diligence. 


Recruit Training Phase II / League Cadet Orientation Phase II

Over a 2 weekend period in August, Baton Rouge Division conducted Recruit Training Phase II for recruits of the Baton Rouge Division and Chenault Battalion and League Cadet Orientation Phase II for one of the Baton Rouge Division League Cadets. These recruits learned the basics necessary to become full fledged Sea Cadets. COVID made for an arduous process as recruits had to first complete Phase I of their training which was online. But these recruit persevered and completed their training. Congratulations to our newest Sea Cadets.


2020 Krewe of Orion Mardi Gras Parade

On 15-FEB-2020, Baton Rouge Division cadets marched through the streets of downtown Baton Rouge ringing in the 2020 Carnival Season as well as providing the Honor Guard for the Krewe of Orion Mardi Gras Parade. Cadets also took a moment to partake in comradery as they boarded their Commanding Officers truck and tested it for seaworthiness.


CO Truck.MP4

Baton Rouge Sea Cadets Banquet 2019

The Baton Rouge Division of the US Naval Sea Cadets held their annual banquet at the American Legion Hall. It was attended by over a hundred cadets, family, friends, and honored guests, including the Regional Director for Louisiana, the past Commanding Officer, the past Executive Officer, the Navy League Representative, and many supporters. Awards and promotions were handed out to cadets and awards were also presented to many of our officers. The food was excellent and the comradery was outstanding. A great time was had by all.


Winter Training 2019

Over the Christmas Holidays, four cadets attended Recruit Training in Keystone Heights Florida and three attended League Orientation in Carville, Louisiana. The cadets performs exemplary and represented the Baton Rouge Division with honor, courage, and commitment. These cadets had a great time and came back with stories and a new sense of comradery. As anyone who served in the military and you will quickly learn of the bond formed by those that go through recruit / basic training together. Shipmates and Friends forever!


Wreaths across America 2019

On Saturday, December 14, members of the US Naval Sea Cadets Baton Rouge Division took part in the National Wreaths Across America day of remembrance.   On this day, all across America, Christmas wreaths are placed on the headstones at National Cemeteries to honor military personal that have paid the ultimate price.  These Sea Cadets also performed a "Battlefield Cross" presentation.  The inverted rifle with helmet place on top was, in past wars, a marker of a fallen soldier.  This marker was placed so the mortuary detail could locate the remains for proper burial after the battle.  Today, the Battlefield Cross is used to commemorate those who gave their lives in defense of our way of life.  It is a solemn tribute.  In this video, please note each rifle and helmet is period correct for World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the War in Iraq, and the War in Afghanistan.

MOWW Annual Honor Guard Competition

The Baton Rouge Division of the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps was invited by the Military Order of the World Wars (a prestigious veterans group of military officers)(MOWW) to take part in their annual Honor Guard competition.  This is the third year the Sea Cadets have been honored with an invitation.  There are typically over twenty military youth groups participating, including many JROTC units, The Civil Air Patrol (CAP), and others.  The competition is judged by members of the Pershing Rifles and members of the MOWW.  The Sea Cadets have been successful in placing in the top three each year they have  participated.


October Tactical at Camp Villere

From 18-OCT-2019 to 20-OCT-2019 the cadets participated in tactical training with members of the Slidell Police Department's SWAT Team. Cadets learned navigation skills, how to apply a tourniquet, Close Quarter Combat / building entry skills, and techniques for shooting from various positions. The cadets ran a timed obstacle course and ran a team obstacle course. They built a cart from basic items and pulled the cart under a combat simulated situation. They also trained in patrolling and fought in a convoy ambush exercise.


Baton Rouge Division USCG Training

From 29-JUL-2019 to 02-AUG-2019 a few Baton Rouge Division cadets spent the week with LT Fortier and Baton Rouge USCG personnel to do some instruction and hands on training as part of a locally arranged training. Thanks goes out to LT Fortier and the USCG Baton Rouge Office for assisting with putting on this last minute training.



July Mandatory Drill

Baton Rouge Division cadets were invited by Mr. John Spinks to spend the weekend at his property in Pine Grove, LA where the cadets got to get up close and personal with some military vehicles and equipment as well as send some rounds down range, a good time had by all. A special thanks goes out to Mr. Spinks for his hospitality and generosity.



American Legion "Passing of the Flag Ceremony

On 27-JUL-2019 Baton Rouge cadets provided the honor guard for the Baton Rouge American Legion "Passing of the Flag" ceremony 


RTLA-1901 Recruit Training Gillis Long NGB Carville, LA

Baton Rouge recruits were some of the many cadets graduating recruit training in Carville, LA. The Baton Rouge Division is proud of our recruits for sticking it out, overcoming their adversities and some for graduating with honors including SR Trenton Blount and PO1 West for Honor Company and SR Loupe for Overall Honor cadet. A special HOOYAH goes out to SR West who's strong will and determination made the impossible possible and a shining example to any cadet that you can overcome adversity and achieve anything you want to if you want it bad enough and are willing to put in the work.

Bravo Zulu Recruits


June Flagship Competition

The Baton Rouge Division along with cadets and officers from Andrew Higgins Squadron, Chennault Battalion, Acadiana Division and a detachment of the Young Marines participated in the first ever Flagship competition in the State of Louisiana at Camp Vilarie in Slidell, LA. Cadets were greeted with a "warm" welcome from Army drill Sergeants then competed in multiple events such as knot tying, line heaving, fire fighting as well as a very challenging obstacle course and many other events. No one went home with a trophy as this event was designed to promote camaraderie between the cadets, their units and other military youth groups in the state however, all the cadets won valuable friendship's and a very fun filled experience and everyone went home with a smile. 

Again, Bravo Zulu to ENS West, LT Fortier and all of the officers and parents that pulled together to staff this wonderful event for these cadets. Your tireless efforts made this all possible. 








May Drill - Jambalaya Festival Gozalez, LA

For May Drill, The Baton Rouge Division volunteered serving jambalaya at the 2019 Jambalaya Festival in Gonzalez, LA. The Jambalaya Association donates their proceeds from this event to different charities allowing our cadets to earn community service hours for helping them serve. They are also a valuable partner with the Baton Rouge Division assisting us with our own Jambalaya fund raiser later in the year. As they are appreciative of our efforts during the festival, we are appreciative of theirs. They are truly a blessing to have as a supporter of the Baton Rouge Division.


April Mandatory Drill - Navy Seal Challenge

For our April Drill, Baton Rouge cadets were put to the test running a demanding sequence of evolution's designed by ENS West on the obstacle course at Camp King to simulate a day of NSW type training. The cadets pushed through leaving no shipmate behind as they worked very hard to navigate the evolution's and make it to the end... together.



March Mandatory Drill - Firearm Qualifications

For our March drill, Baton Rouge Division cadet's participated in firearm qualification at Camp Vilerie in Slidell, LA. All participating cadets scored at least at the marksman level during the qualification with some scoring Sharpshooter or Expert. A big thank you goes out to all of the officers, instructors and parents that participated in assisting with coaching the cadets. Without your participation, this event wouldn't be possible.


 American Legion Honor Guard

On 04-MAR-2019, The Baton Rouge Division cadet participated in an Honor Guard for the Baton Rouge American Legion during a ceremony honoring our veterans.

2019 "Wearing of the Green" St. Patricks Day Parade

Baton Rouge cadets marched through a "sea of green" while providing the Honor Guard at the 2019 "Wearing of the Green" St. Patricks Day Parade. The Baton Rouge Division would like to thank WBRZ Channel 2's Pat Shingleton and the rest of his staff for supporting our organization and inviting our unit to this parade year after year. It is truly a blessing to have such community support for our unit and organization.

2019 Krewe of Orion Mardi Gras Parade

On 23-FEB-2019, Baton Rouge Division cadets marched through the streets of downtown Baton Rouge ringing in the 2019 Carnival Season as well as providing the Honor Guard for the Krewe of Orion Mardi Gras Parade.


Baton Rouge Division Stands Annual Inspection

On 23-FEB-2019, The Baton Rouge Division eagerly stands in formation awaiting their annual inspection. Baton Rouge Division cadets and officers did an outstanding job in being well prepared for this inspection resulting in very favorable scores from Regional Command as well as National Headquarters. 
Bravo Zulu Baton Rouge Division.

2018 Massing of the Colors Drill Competition

On 07-Nov-2018 Baton Rouge Division cadets done their unit and the USNSCC proud by taking 1st place while facing some stiff competition in the Military Order of the World Wars 2018 "Massing of the Colors" competition in Baton Rouge, LA

Bravo Zulu Petty Officers Anderson, West, Vallaire, Gonzalez, Sistrunk and SN Saucier. You have done an excellent job.