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Raffle Drawing Winners

posted Nov 13, 2014, 1:34 PM by Michael Melendez   [ updated Nov 13, 2014, 1:35 PM ]

I want to say thank you to everyone that supported our fund raiser for the Wreaths Across America.  I wish we could give something to everyone that purchased a ticket or made a donation.  Alas, we cannot but we do have some nice prizes for those individuals who possess the winning tickets that were drawn.  Please refer to the table below to see if your ticket is a winner.  If so, please contact me at melendez@usnseacadets.com with your full name and raffle ticket number.  All prizes not claimed by December 15th will be donated to a local charity.


 Dr. Pepper Cooler 1132
 Gaming Chair 0957
 Basketball Goal 0140
 cast iron pot and burner 0516
 propane fryer stove and pans 1128
 Adirondack Chair 0998
 Epiphone Guitar 1233
 Generac 2700 pressure washer 0032
 Weber Charcoal Grill 1124
 Insignia LED screen 0031
 BBQ glove 0466
 BBQ glove 0480
 BBQ glove 0519
 Turkey Fryer 1208
 Autographed LSU Football 0529
 Porter Cable Drill/Saw Set 0120
 Belle of Baton Rouge Hotel Nite 0400
 BBQ Charcoal Pit 1157
 $25 PF Chang Gift Card 0092
 $25 PF Chang Gift Card 0551
 $100 Whole Foods Gift Card 1066

Wreath Across America Raffle Tickets

posted Nov 8, 2014, 11:32 AM by Michael Melendez   [ updated Nov 8, 2014, 11:34 AM ]

***** LATEST UPDATE *****

To all of our supporters, the Veterans Parade in Walker was canceled. The new location of the raffle drawing will be at the Sidney Hutchinson Park during the Pine Tree Festival at 2pm. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please return to this page for a list of winners after the drawing. 

New Sea Cadet Website

posted Feb 17, 2013, 10:19 PM by Michael Melendez

ATTENTION ALL HANDS..................The NSCC is proud to announce the unveiling of it's brand new HOME PAGE called HOMEPORT!   The Sea Cadet Homeport is the newest online portal of the Naval Sea Cadet Corps. This dynamic and interactive environment is designed to replace the Resources and Compass Portals. Please take a look around to get acquainted with the location of your favorite topics and items.  Feel free to check it out and make sure you let your cadet know ALL materials pertaining to our great organization are now at their fingertips......


Never Quit Never Forget

posted Sep 25, 2012, 10:26 AM by Michael Melendez   [ updated Oct 30, 2012, 11:55 AM ]

The Never Quit Never Forget event was birthed in the hearts of Matt and Danielle Reames after reading Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell.  The book gives a personal account of the many sacrifices that are being made by all of our military since the War on Terrorism began.  They were moved by the selfless sacrifices of these great men and knew at that point they had to give back.

Along with a couple of dedicated friends they held their first Never Quit Never Forget Gala in Baton Rouge as a way to benefit the Lone Survivor Foundation and Special Ops Survivors.  The gala raised over $84,000 which was divided equally between the two organizations after expenses.  They saw first hand how every dollar raised and donated to these organizations went to care for the surviving spouses. 

This year they continue to work on raising funds for organizations that support wounded warriors and families of the fallen.  Please plan to attend their second gala on November 7th at the Renaissance Hotel in Baton Rouge.  Proceeds will benefit Wounded Wear and Special Ops Survivors.  Let's give a little back to those who have given so much.  I promise you will be moved and grateful for these soldiers, their families, and the surviving spouses. 

For more information go to their website at http://www.neverquitneverforget.org
To purchase tickets to the event, click "Add to Cart" below or click HERE to go directly to their website.


Shooting Kit
  • Bushmaster® ACR™ (Adaptive Combat Rifle) - Enhanced Configuration - Black Finish      (click here for more info)
  • Streamlight TLR-1 Tactical Light
  • EOT XPS2 EOTECH Weapon Sight SM
  • HARRIS Bi-Pod
  • TROY Battle Rail 3" Rail Cover
  • PMI Bi-Pod Rail Adapter
  • Modular Combat Grip
  • Troy Battle Sight Fixed M4 Front
  • Troy Rear Folding Battle Sights 
  • Bungee Sling W/ Quick Release 
  • Streamlight TLR-3 Compact Tactical Lite 
  • Gerber Multi-Plier 
  • Springfield Armory XDM-45 $709 (includes 2 mags)
  • XDM45 Mag 
  • Mossberg 500 Persuader Pistol Grip 12 Gauge Shotgun
  • 4 PMAG 30rd magazines
  • KBar Fight/Utility Knife w/ Leather Sheath
  • Compass
  • Tactical Rifle Case w/ Foam Cutouts

Donated by Barking Irons Firearms

Benelli Nove Pump Action 12 gauge shotgun
Donated by Ed Anderson

If you cannot attend the Gala but would like to support this cause by making a monetary donation, please click on this button.

Veteran's Ad

posted Sep 18, 2012, 10:10 PM by Michael Melendez   [ updated Sep 19, 2012, 8:47 AM ]

The following video is an ad made by veterans and passed to us by the UDT Foundation of New Orleans.  UDT members are those who were Navy SEALs "before" they were called SEALs......  They do not have the money to put it on television, so we are posting here for them.  Veterans will understand. 

Freedom's Lighthouse

Recruit Training Facebook Page

posted Jul 23, 2012, 9:47 AM by Michael Melendez   [ updated Jul 23, 2012, 9:48 AM ]

Cadets, Parents, Friends, and Relatives - We now have a Facebook page with pictures and information from our recent Recruit Training.  You can find it at http://www.facebook.com/SeaCadetsRTLA.  This is an open public page and you do not need a Facebook account to view it.  However, you will need one if you wish to comment or post something.

Fallen Navy SEAL honored in Holden

posted May 20, 2012, 9:11 PM by Michael Melendez   [ updated May 20, 2012, 9:12 PM ]

Camp Sp
ehar Dedication Ceremony in honor of Nick Spehar as covered by News 33.

The community came out to honor fallen Navy SEAL Team Five member Nicholas Spehar at a ground breaking and ribbon cutting ceremony for Camp Spehar in Holden.

Click the News 33 logo to the right to read the entire article and see the video. 

Youth camp to simulate SEAL rigors

posted May 14, 2012, 10:46 AM by Michael Melendez

HOLDEN — A sandy path winds through heavy bamboo to a beach on the Tickfaw River.  Teenagers will traverse that path and beach soon, but not to frolic, sunbathe or lounge in the river’s shallow water.  Instead they will be carrying logs and facing other rigors under the watchful eye of a Navy SEAL.

On Saturday a portion of a Christian camp and retreat area, will be dedicated as Camp Spehar in honor of another Navy SEAL, who was killed in Afghanistan in August.  Camp Spehar will be a training ground for “young men and women, ages 13 to 18, who are interested in test driving the military lifestyle,” said Norman Soren, the camp’s commandant for the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps.

Later this month, a group of 16 to 18 year olds will spend a week at the camp undergoing some of the types of training they can expect from life in the military, he said.  The group will include cadets from as far east as Pensacola and as far west as Lake Charles.

The camp is named after Nicholas Spehar, a Navy SEAL, whose father and brother are scheduled to travel from Minnesota for the opening ceremony.  A rocket-propelled grenade downed the helicopter Spehar was in during a night mission to aid ground troops under attack in Afghanistan, said fellow SEAL Kody Seamon, who was Spehar’s roommate when they served together.

Seamon has since retuned to his home in Zachary. In addition to serving in the reserves he will be in charge of training sea cadets at Camp Spehar.  He plans to give teenagers a chance to taste what it’s like to go through SEAL training, so they can decide if military life and possibly special operations are things they want to pursue.

He’s already started construction of an obstacle course. It will use some of the gullies and other natural contours of the land and will include some of the challenges potential SEALs have to face in their training.  In addition to the obstacle course, Seamon plans to use the camp’s large swimming pool, the bamboo bordered path and the river to drill the teenagers.  During a recent walk down a camp path he stops to kill a snake, saying that’s a danger he doesn’t want the cadets to face.  Much of the work will be in the pool, where sea cadets will learn the side stroke and water survival techniques, he said.

Seamon said he plans to run the camp somewhat like a SEAL training unit, pushing the teens hard, but giving the participants the chance to drop out at any time.  “I’m not here to break these kids, because they’re just kids,” he said.  He said he also wants to stress ethics, education, nutrition and good citizenship in his programs.

Soren said the things the sea cadets learn in the program will be useful to them in life whether they decided to join the military or not.  The national sea cadet program was created in 1958 for youth who want to learn about the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, Soren said.  As commander of the sea cadet’s district from Lafayette to Covington, Soren said he works with recruiters, high schools and various groups to help young people determine if they want to pursue a life in the military and to prepare for it if they do.

Having use of a portion of the KJ Singing Waters Ranch will be a big help, because the local cadets haven’t had a good place to drill in the past, he said.  The Rev. Mike DiMaria, who operates the Christian campground, said the sea cadet program fits with his vision of working with groups and won’t interfere with the ministerial activities of the 81-acre site.
“We see ourselves as a multi functional resource center,” said DiMaria, who is also the pastor of Lifepoint Church in Denham Springs.

Singing Waters, located along the Tickfaw River just south of U.S. 190, dates back decades as a Christian retreat and campground.

A HUGE thank you

posted May 14, 2012, 10:24 AM by Michael Melendez

A HUGE thank you goes out to all the volunteers who came and gave of their time, talent and energy for the past 5 days at Camp Spehar!!!!! This years event is shaping up to be AMAZING!!!!!!! Thank you Kody, Tighlman Mike Dimaria for staying up until 1 A.M. to finish scrubbing out the VERY BOTTOM of the pool and shoveling TWO TONS of tadpoles from the swimming pool! Then a HUGE thank you goes out to Mr. John Spinks for coordinating what seemed like 9000 fire trucks from EVERY STATION in ALL of Livingston Parish loaded with H2O to get our freshly scrubbed swimming pool finally FILLED!!!!

Then we went to work.......................Justin with LOUISIANA RENTS showed up huge AGAIN by donating his time and a grand total of about $12,500 worth of HEAVY DUTY earth movers and the burning desire to serve his country.

We then set out buying materials, hammering nails, sawing boards, painting EVERYTHING in sight and yes I mean EVERYTHING including Catfish and Reliford who along with Majoria, Richoux P, LaBauve C, all became INSTANT heroes for INST Seamon by showing up and helping him finish the NEW and IMPROVED O course, pull-up bars, etc, etc, etc.............God Bless all of you.

Finally thank you goes out to both Kody's wife and my own beautiful Janell who PATIENTLY waited for us to do what we do for our fallen brother and the honor of hosting his Family this coming Sunday, ladies we could NOT do it without you both.

EVERYBODY "please" make sure to bring your VERY BEST this weekend so we can welcome Mr. Spehar LOUISIANA style and show him how much we sincerely appreciate and humbly admire his Son, Nicholas. Let me know if you need anything for your Dress White uniform and be ready.................this weekend WILL BE the biggest of our career YET!



Special Guests at the Dedication in Honor of SO Nicholas Spehar

posted May 14, 2012, 10:22 AM by Michael Melendez

On May 20th at 1100 hours, we will be conducting a dedication ceremony and ribbon cutting for Camp Spehar in memory of SO Nicholas Spehar.  We will have many special guest in attendance - Mayor Holden, Congressman Cassidy, and Nick's family. 

Also attending will be LT Joshua Smith and members from Special Boat Team 22.  He states, "It would be a great privilege for us to attend this event in honor of Nicholas Spehar.  Riverine Troop ONE will be supporting with five SEAL/SWCC operators and a Special Operations Craft - Riverine (SOC-R) static display."

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