A HUGE thank you

posted May 14, 2012, 10:24 AM by Michael Melendez
A HUGE thank you goes out to all the volunteers who came and gave of their time, talent and energy for the past 5 days at Camp Spehar!!!!! This years event is shaping up to be AMAZING!!!!!!! Thank you Kody, Tighlman Mike Dimaria for staying up until 1 A.M. to finish scrubbing out the VERY BOTTOM of the pool and shoveling TWO TONS of tadpoles from the swimming pool! Then a HUGE thank you goes out to Mr. John Spinks for coordinating what seemed like 9000 fire trucks from EVERY STATION in ALL of Livingston Parish loaded with H2O to get our freshly scrubbed swimming pool finally FILLED!!!!

Then we went to work.......................Justin with LOUISIANA RENTS showed up huge AGAIN by donating his time and a grand total of about $12,500 worth of HEAVY DUTY earth movers and the burning desire to serve his country.

We then set out buying materials, hammering nails, sawing boards, painting EVERYTHING in sight and yes I mean EVERYTHING including Catfish and Reliford who along with Majoria, Richoux P, LaBauve C, all became INSTANT heroes for INST Seamon by showing up and helping him finish the NEW and IMPROVED O course, pull-up bars, etc, etc, etc.............God Bless all of you.

Finally thank you goes out to both Kody's wife and my own beautiful Janell who PATIENTLY waited for us to do what we do for our fallen brother and the honor of hosting his Family this coming Sunday, ladies we could NOT do it without you both.

EVERYBODY "please" make sure to bring your VERY BEST this weekend so we can welcome Mr. Spehar LOUISIANA style and show him how much we sincerely appreciate and humbly admire his Son, Nicholas. Let me know if you need anything for your Dress White uniform and be ready.................this weekend WILL BE the biggest of our career YET!