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POLA Graduation 2012

posted Jul 23, 2012, 9:57 AM by Michael Melendez
Congratulations POLA class of 2012!

We had an exceptional class of young people this year from all over the country! We had such fine young leaders from the Annapolis Division, Lonestar Division, Honor Division, Baton Rouge Division, Chennault Division, Grey Ghost Division as well as others from TX, FL, VACA and others..........we had exceptional support both from the NRD CO CDR George Sharp, as well as CMC Davis at the USCG Training Group who allowed us to tour his hanger and get behind the stick of a Coast Guard helo as well as the Aggressor Squadron F-18's "River Rattlers".

Our graduation ceremony was filled with great pride and a sense of a job well done............thank you to ALL the NEW Instructors INST Kelly Brewer who is our new Admin Officer (it just so happens she is a Yeoman in the Navy how cool is that! ) as well as continued support from XO ENS Melendez and OPSO INST Robert who was instrumental in arranging our Baton Rouge Color Guard who SMASHED IT!

Thanks to PO Ancrew Foreman and PO Rogers from Little Rock, AR for providing EXCEPTIONAL leadership and motivation to their POLA candidates. We had a 100% pass rate and everyone was recommended for advancement to PO! Our honor cadet was Miguel Moravec from Annapolis Division and Honorable Mention went out to Miss Flores from Honor Division. Our Academic Award winner was Mr. Zhang from Grey Ghost Division who came all the way from California to join us!

Thanks again for all your efforts and God Bless.


LTJG Norman Soren Jr
Baton Rouge Division