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2012 Summer Recruit Training

posted Jul 23, 2012, 9:29 AM by Michael Melendez   [ updated Jul 23, 2012, 9:38 AM ]
Hooooooooooyah Baton Rouge Division! We came, we saw and we ROCKED IT..........our very first R/T was a SUPREME challenge and SUPREME success. We graduated 41 out of 46 recruits with a 93% average on our exam and all but one past their PRT.

We as a Division also earned the coveted BATTALION HONOR CADET Sean Reliford, as well as Bravo Honor Company Cadet Ray Chua and Charlie Honor Company Cadet Ryan Boudreaux.

Our Staff cadets rose to the occasion and overcame every challenge that came their way. Andrew Foreman, John Kellner and Christopher Melendez from Baton Rouge and Brandon Cormier from the Chennault Division all did an exemplary job of leading, mentoring, motivating and guiding recruits from Dunlap Division in Mobile, AL, Chennault Division in Lake Charles, LA Eisenhower Squadron fomr Belle Chasse, LA Alamo Division from San Antonio, TX and Lonestar Division from Dallas, TX.

Our adult volunteers and Officer Cadre sacrificed time with loved ones and sleep to ensure our recruits were safe, well fed and kept on small task I ASSURE you. We owe a debt of gratitude we can never repay to the following Men and Women who have honored their country and our beloved USNSCC.

INST Kelly Brewer AKA Petty Officer "Mom"
INST Adrian Fortier AKA "Doc"
INST David Robert AKA "OPSO"
ENS Mike Melendez AKA "XO"
INST John Moreno AKA "Popeye"
ENS George Davis AKA "Darth Vader"
MDN Shelby Matthews
MDN Foster AKA "Rock Steady"
LTJG Chad Le Juene
ENS Hogue
LT Hamer AKA "Hammer Time"
Suzie Seaman
Carla Lovett
Mrs. Doucet
Kim Didier
Reid Didier
Colin Gauthier
David Harris
Gayle Kellner
Robin Jernigan
Charly Erie
LCDR James Dodd
MAA Jorge Acevedo
MAA Jorge Getz
MAA Joey Toups
MAA Bryce Doughty

I hope I didn't forget anyone...................again this training would not have been nearly as successful as it was if not for the sacrifice by everyone above. Truly a TEAM EFFORT...........and we "together" learned it is ONE TEAM, ONE FIGHT. Thank you everyone who gave of themselves, thank you RTLA 2012 HOOOOOOOOOOOYAH!!!!!