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USCG Station Tour in Metairie

posted Sep 30, 2012, 5:48 PM by Michael Melendez
Some of our cadets recently had the opportunity to tour the USCG Station in Metairie.  INST Fortier "Doc" was the escort officer for this training and gives us a first hand account of the event. The following is a condensed version of his account.

I have been going to the CG station at GRAND ISLE with boy scouts, and recently with Sea Cadets for over 20 yrs.

Today was my first visit to the Lake Front CG Station and it was FANTASTIC!!! We were treated exceptional well by everyone. One Petty Officer volunteered to take us out on the 47 ft boat on his personal time because all the other boat operators were busy and it looked like we weren't going to be able to go out at all. Not only did we get a ride, but we got to operate the boat. It was a special experience for me as the boat was operated with "joy sticks" not a helmsmen's wheel like I am accustomed to. I think Cadet Nick Kellner was the most excited about driving the boat.

After the boat ride we toured the station's radio room, and other work areas and personal areas where the crew lived. Our tour guide took a personal interest and went out of his way to show us around and answer questions.  We spent about an hour in the recreation room shooting darts and playing pool and just talking about the CG and stuff.

The petty officer that led us around said that if we arrange to come back over a weekend, he could most likely get our guys certified as "Line Handlers". He also said that had we come in a work uniform, we could have done more hands-on activities on this trip.