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Grooming Standards


  • Hair will be neat and clean and present a groomed appearance.
  • Hair above the ears and around the neck will be tapered from the lower hairline upward at least 3/4 inch.
  • Hair on the back of the neck may not touch the collar. Hair will be no longer than 4 inches
  • May not interfere with proper wearing of the headgear.
  • Clean shaven face.  Cadets may not have a mustache or beard.
  • Hair color should be natural and complement the individual.
  • Bulk Not Greater than 2 inches. 
  • Sideburns must not fall below the middle ear. 


  • Hair must be neatly arranged and styled to present a feminine appearance but may not fall below the lower edge of the uniform collar.
  • The only ornaments permitted in the hair are bobby pins (inconspicuously arranged) and barrettes (two maximum) of a color that matches the hair.
  • Fingernails must not exceed 1/4 inch measured from the tip of the finger. Nail polish must be a soft shade, complementary to the skin tone.
  • Cosmetics should be of conservative color and applied sparingly. No eccentricities or faddishness of dress, jewelry, or grooming is permitted.
  • Earrings must be the 6-mm ball (approximately 1/4 inch) type with a brushed matte finish; either the screw-on or post type may be worn. Silver. 
  • While in uniform, women may wear one necklace or choker; but it must not be visible. 
  • Adherence to these grooming standards is MANDATORY.
                 Covered                                        Uncovered