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Recruit Training


Our 2-week Recruit Training this year will be hosted by LCDR Dodd as the COTC at Tickfaw State Park in Springfield, Louisiana.  The training dates are from June 24th through July 7th, and the cost is $250.  Currently all billets for recruit cadets has been filled.  The information contained below has been provided for those recruits that have secured a billet.  All of the following information and more can be download in a file located at the bottom of the page.  Travel Directions are also given at the bottom of this page.

Welcome Aboard


Cadet Preparation


Grooming Standards


Miscellaneous Info



Seabag List

Additional Instructions

Do NOT Bring

Travel Directions

Cadet training aboard TICKFAW STATE PARK in will be an outstanding experience for the cadets if they are ready mentally and physically I am sure you will find these trainings both challenging and rewarding.  This letter contains information we have learned to include up front to give each recruit the best possible chance of success. Please review the information listed below carefully, and in its entirety, with family members and your officers to help insure a safe and positive training experience for all.

Safety is our #1 priority. The success of this evolution depends on the safety of all personnel. To promote a safe training evolution, we hold each person, whether the most junior recruit to the Commanding Officer, responsible and accountable for safety. All hands must always be alert to possible hazards, and if they see a situation that appears unsafe, it is their duty to immediately bring it to the attention of the chain of command.  We will be conducting the trainings that include classroom instruction, physical fitness, swimming qualifications, field operations, weapons safety and handling and so much more.  There are ample crew berthing areas where the recruits will live.  All living quarters will have a designation and areas will be off limits to recruits - Officers will be in the Officer’s berthing areas, Staff in there quarters and so on. Males and females will be securely separated at all times.

All Cadets need to understand that this is a TRAINING evolution. They are participating, particularly those in Recruit Training, to learn more about being in the NSCC program. Each individual will be asked to do things that are challenging and different, to prepare for this evolution, each person should:
  1. Stop eating sweets and stop drinking caffeinated beverages (soda, coffee, tea) a month prior to recruit training (After Memorial Day at the latest).
  2. Begin drinking water with every meal, and in between meals as well. You will be expected to drink the equivalent of between 6-8 20 oz containers of water per day, and your body needs time to adapt to that volume of intake in the month prior to attending recruit training. Your diet will be restricted at RTC. You will not have caffeinated beverages or sugary deserts while at the training.  Sugar and caffeine withdrawal can produce discomfort; a word to the wise is to wean yourself from them prior to arrival.
  3. Do physical training. Push-ups, sit-ups, and running are a good way to start. Physical training is included in the Cadet-training curriculum and PASSING THE PRT BEFORE SUBMITTING ORDERS is a requirement.
  4. Cadets pack your own Sea bags. This will help in knowing what has been brought to training.  Each Cadet will be 100% responsible for their own belongings.
  5. Break-in footwear. A lot of drilling will take place during training. Boots will be the footwear for much of the training. However, there will be times dress shoes must be worn; these are more comfortable if they have been broken in.
  6. Complete the required BMR assignments (1,5,6,9 & 10). Try your best to have the BMR finished before attending Recruit Training. This will give you so much more time for other activities.
  7. Learn and memorize the 11 General Orders of a Sentry. KNOW THEM backwards and forwards prior to arrival.
  8. Learn and live the “5 basic responses.” They will keep you out of trouble. The 5 basic responses are:
  • Yes Sir/ Ma’am/Petty Officer
  • No Sir/ Ma’am/Petty Officer
  • No excuse Sir/Ma’am/Petty Officer
  • I do not know Sir/Ma’am/Petty Officer, but will find out
  • Aye aye, Sir/Ma’am/Petty Officer

All recruits will be expected to report on Sunday 24 July 12 between 1000 and 1500, with your service jacket in order and in Dress Whites. Grooming standards will be strictly enforced. Males must have their hair cut prior to arriving. Recruits will report to the designated point of muster via the Galley.  Recruits MUST HAVE THEIR USNSCC I.D. Card. Any fee balance must be paid at check-in.

Staff Cadets
Staff and Cadets should arrive between the hours of 1200 and 1600 on Saturday 23 Jun 2012. No cadets will be checked in prior to these dates and times unless prior approval from the COTC. Officers if you have cadets that will be attending, you will be allowed to bring them in early. No one will be processed in until Sunday. You will need to eat before you arrive. Meals will not be provided on Saturday or Sunday morning.

Each recruit attending RT MUST have passed the PRT prior to attending RT. (PRT scores signed by the CO need to be included in the Recruit's service jacket.) Physical Readiness Standards will be reviewed by medical personnel for acceptance to participate at RTC. RTC cadets will do PT every day.  Also, each recruit must have completed the required BMR’s. Unit CO's MUST assure that current Medical forms are signed and are accurate and complete as per regulations. Regulations regarding
eligibility to attend RT will be strictly adhered to. Cadets will report to check in in Dress Whites.

All items must be marked with the Cadet’s last name/first initial and last 4 digits of your SSN#.  (All underwear and socks look the same after a while). A Seabag inspection will be conducted once the cadet has been checked in by Admin. Be sure that you have all of the required items on the sea bag list, and do not bring any items that are contraband. If any cadets are missing required uniform – clothing items – equipment, the parent or escort officer will have to purchase those items before the recruit can finalize their checked in process. Check your Seabag list and Seabag before you arrive.


Adult escorts are required to remain in the check-in area until each of their cadets have been found to be medically fit, service records complete including fees, and have completed their sea bag inspection. NO EXCEPTIONS. The parent or person bringing the recruits to the training is to remain until all the recruits under their care are medically, physically and clothing-wise cleared. Any cadet who is not medically fit or does not have
service records complete may be immediately returned home.

All male recruits should arrive at RTC with a Boot Camp “buzz cut” haircut without exception. Unit CO’s can answer any questions on what is required. Female cadets should arrive at RTC with your hair already within NSCC/USN regulations.

This is a medically friendly training. This means that recruits MAY be allowed to continue taking medications that they take regularly at home while at RTC. However, Cadets DO NOT SELF-MEDICATE. All medicine will be checked in with the Medical staff at check-in, and your recruits will be given the opportunity to take their medication during scheduled sick call. The Medical History Supplemental, Authorization, Consent, and Release (NSCTNG025, rev.03/08) must be completed.

This form must be COMPLETELY filled out and signed by the parent and unit Commanding Officer. For prescription medication(s) the form must also be signed by the cadet’s medical provider.

For over-the-counter medications the parent signature is sufficient, but be sure to note the medications listed on the NSCADM020. If recruits arrive at RTC with non-prescription medication that is not listed on the NSCADM20
and NSCTNG25 the medication will be surrendered for disposal.

If prescription medication is brought to RTC that is not listed on the NSCADM20 and NSCTNG25 or the medical provider has not signed the NSCTNG25 the recruit will be sent home at the parent’s expense.

There is no need for any recruit to carry money to this training as there will be no opportunity to spend it, and nothing to spend it on. The only exception is if you are traveling to and from the location and on Saturday and Sunday morning.

All requests forms for each training should be mailed ASAP.

All requests must be properly signed.
Money Orders Only should be made payable to "USNSCC- RTC".

To create and maintain the most productive military environment needed for a successful training, it is necessary to isolate trainees from outside influences that may prove distracting. To this end, it is essential for parents, relatives and friends to understand that Cadets will be allowed to call home during the processing if a parent did not deliver them to the training.  All cell phones in the possession of ALL Cadets will be turned in. Cell phone use will only be authorized by the COTC. Cadets are not allowed to place or receive phone calls during training.

In case of family emergencies, parents are to contact unit COs. The unit CO will then in turn contact the Training Site. If there is an emergency  regarding a Cadet, a call will be placed to the parents, the unit CO and the Regional Director. Visits from parents, relatives, and friends are not allowed during training. Also visits from home unit staff not attached to the training are not allowed.

There will be NO land lines available during the training. However if you need to contact us, the following phone number is to be used ONLY in the case of an emergency while at the training site. Feel free to e-mail me on any questions.

LCDR H. James Dodd or LTJG Norman Soren (225) 810-8838
Email address:

Graduation for RTC is on Saturday 7 July 2012 beginning promptly at 1000, lasting about one to two hours.  Parents and CO’s can start picking up Cadets around 1300.

Everyone is welcome to attend the graduation ceremony (Highly recommended). This will be a proud day for all the cadets as they will be challenged to surpass their own expectations during this training. It will be very rewarding for them as well.

Be familiar with the code of conduct, as I will have absolutely zero tolerance for poor behavior or bad decisions. Unit Commanding Officers will be contacted and cadets removed from this training for any unbecoming conduct. We don’t have the time or the man power to baby sit one or two cadets that won’t adhere to the training at hand.  Again, Welcome Aboard!  We look forward to having a positive training experience.

LCDR H. James Dodd, NSCC
Recruit Training

Due to the nature of the training and the limited storage space, special attention should be given to the Sea bag Requirements list. Each Cadet Recruit MUST have the proper type and number of uniforms to be able to complete the training without additional hardships.

In addition, care should be taken to ensure that each home unit Commanding Officer and each parent is madeaware of what is NOT allowed to be brought to the Recruit Training evolution. The list that follows should be followed closely and modified ONLY when it cannot be avoided. The list of items NOT ALLOWED will not be modified.

Refer to Sea Bag list for what cadets need to bring, this will be what we look for during wall locker inspection. All items on the listmust be packed in the Sea Bag.  ALL ITEMS MUST BE MARKED WITH THE RECRUIT'S NAME AND LAST FOUR OF THEIR SSN- NO EXCEPTIONS!

Uniform Items
(1) Ball Cap, Unit or Navy (8 point cover needed)
(1) Belt, Black (if wearing Utilities)
(1) Belt, Web (for BDU, NWU)
(1) Combat Boots, Black
(1) Buckle, Silver (if wearing Utilities)
(1) Jumper, Dress White
(1) Neckerchief
(3) Shirt, Dungaree/Utility/BDU or NWU
(3) Shirts, PT (OnlyMilitary writing or Symbols allowed/ No Sleeveless) NO PLAINWHITE
(1) Shoes (Black Leather Only)
(1) Shoes, Shower
(2) Shoes, Tennis or Running (color not important)
(5) Shorts, Athletic (No more than 2" above knee/not to pass knee/ no cut offs)
(1) Trouser, Dress White
(3) Slacks, Dungaree/Utility, BDU or NWU
(3-4) Sleeping Attire (May sleep in PT gear/may want to bring 1 pair of Sweat Shirt /Pants)
(6) Socks, Black
(6-8) Sock,White Athletic
(1-2) T-Shirts, Plain White, Crew Neck if wearing Utility and 1 for Dress Whites
(6) T-Shirts, Brown if wearing BDU, Dark Blue if wearing NWU
(8) Underwear,White Cotton

(1) Blanket
(1) Pillow
(2) Pillow Cases
(4) Sheets, Flat TwinWhite
Current ID card
Service Record
Flashlight and extra batteries

Personal & Hygiene Items
(1) Anti-Fungal Foot Powder (non-aerosol)
(1) Bug Repellent - NO SPRAY CANS (May Also Use Skin-So-Soft)
(1) Comb/Hair Brush
(1) Deodorant- NO SPRAY CANS
(1) Shoe Shine Kit (Black)
(1) Shaving Kit with Razors (Only if you shave)
(1) Soap Dish, Soap/BodyWash/ Shampoo
(1) Sunscreen (SPF-15) NO SPRAY CANS
(1) Talcum or Baby Powder
(1) Toothbrush, Tooth Paste and Mouthwash
(4) Towels, White Bath
(4) Towels, Wash Cloth (Optional)
Foot Powder & Body Powder (helps absorb sweat & odor)

(1) Key Locks with 2 keys (1 to be kept in service jacket)
(1) Laundry Bag, Mesh
(1) Military Canteen, Cover and Belt or Camelback (Preferred)
(2) Paper, Envelopes & Stamps, Pens
(1) Seabag (or Soft Luggage)
Spending Money $25.00 (Maximum)
(3 or 4) Plastic Hangers

Gender Specific- FEMALES ONLY
(1) Hat, Combination
(6-8) Bras, White (Regular/Sport)
Feminine Hygiene Supplies *As Needed*
(1) Swimsuit, 1 piece-Dark Color

Gender Specific- MALES ONLY
(1) Hat, Dixie Cup
(2) Athletic Supporter
(1) Swim Trunks - Dark Color

REMEMBER: Use whatever uniforms you have to make up the uniforms needed to have your 3 sets.

EXAMPLE: You can have one set of utilities, one set of BDUs and one set of NWUs or any other combination. As long as you have 3 sets.


  1. NSCC Flashes MUST BE SEWN on ALL Jumpers, Shirts and Jackets.
  2. NSCC Chevrons MAY NOT be worn on any uniform item, except by (Staff Cadets).
  3. Cadets Last Name MUST be stenciled or sewn on by embroidery patch over the right shirt pocket of the Utility, BDU or NWU shirt and the right hip pocket of the trousers.
  4. All other items WILL BE STENCILED /MARKED with the cadet’s last name, initials. THIS INCLUDES ALL UNDER GARMENTS, even wash cloths, everything. Use INITIALS for small items.
  5. Dress uniforms will be stenciled with permanent ink on the manufacturer's tags.
  6. Uniform for Graduation shall be DRESSWHITES for ALL CADETS, SUMMERWHITE for OFFICERS
  7. ALL CADETS MUST HAVE a proper haircut according to regulation while attending the NSCC boot camp. Cadets reporting to Training need to get Haircut before reporting to the training. Females should plan on having the proper devices to keep their hair up if it falls below the shirt collar when let down.


  • Radios, Walkman, iPods, MP3 Player, etc.
  • Glass Items (check all bottles - Use Plastic)
  • Magazines or Books (Except Military courses - BMR, SN, AN, FN, etc.)
  • Tobacco Products (Including lighters, snuff, & chewing tobacco)
  • Hair dryers
  • Drugs/paraphernalia or other controlled substances
  • Electric razors
  • Civilian clothing (traveling by Airplane and COTC knows)
  • Makeup
  • Weapons (knives, firearms, fireworks, etc.)
  • Earrings for male cadets
  • Females must conform to Uniform Regulations SILVER BALL for ear rings.
  • NO FOOD (candy, chips, gum, etc.)
  • Ok for cell phone if traveling alone only and CO approves
  • Jewelry (rings, bracelets, necklaces) (Except 1 religious medallion)
  • NO Aerosol cans
  • All Non-Authorized items brought to Recruit Training will be confiscated.

Tickfaw State Park is located in Springfield, LA. The physical address is 27225 Patterson Road. For those of you using a GPS unit, the coordinates are N 30 22.9342, W 90 37.8761.

Take I-12 to the Albany/Springfield exit. Travel 2 miles south on LA 43, merge with LA 42 and continue one mile to the center of Springfield. Turn west on LA 1037 and travel six miles to Patterson Road (across from Woodland Baptist Church), then south 1.2 miles to the park entrance.

For more information about the park, browse their website at http://www.crt.state.la.us/parks/itickfaw.aspx.

27225 Patterson Rd