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2023 September Drill

The Baton Rogue Division had it's annual family picnic this weekend, and awards. We officially pinned three Cadet Chiefs; West, Leaycraft and Dubos. Chief James LeCompt, USN retired and our very own Master Chief Jeff Ryan USCG retired helped in the pinning. Many other awards and promotions were handed out. Family, friends and cadets all joined in for a lot of fun and good food. On Saturday, cadets practiced honor guard movements and commands in preparation for the annual Massing of the Colors HG Competition. If you recall we have placed first, second or third every year for the last 6+ years. Our four new cadets learned many new skills; ie; how to blouse their pants, roll their sleeves, how to make square turns, how to wear their uniforms and more. On Sunday morning, after a long Saturday training, cadets got up at 6am because they wanted to go play football before breakfast!! 

2023 August Drill

The Baton Rouge Division had a fantastic drill this month thanks to the staff at the St George Fire Dept. Cadets were taught combat trauma techniques, trauma assessment, and scenarios involving "bloody" victims!! Cadets were graded on their handling of the situation and the victim.

Cadets were also coached in public speaking.

2023 July Drill

The Baton Rouge Division held another boring drill this month (not really). The Baton Rouge Fire Dept held rappel training to include knot tying. Cadets rappelled of a seven story training tower. Cadet Hicks graduated out and will be joining the US Army soon. Tom Hershey from the Navy Club presented each cadet and adult volunteer with a Navy Club pin. Mr John Jones, a retired US Marine joined our volunteer ranks. 

2023 July Community Service

Baton Rouge Sea Cadets accepted an invitation to assist at the Louisiana War Veterans Home in Jackson, LA today. Cadets helped to push veterans around in their wheel chairs and bring them plates of food. They enjoyed talking with and listening to sea stories from these veterans of all branches of the military. Afterwards some of the cadets got to "inspect" the WWII tank.

2023 June Drill

The Baton Rouge Davison packed a lot of activities into today's drill. CO gave a overview of the sea cadet program and the history of the BR Div for all our newer cadets. We had a sea bag inspection for all our cadets going off to RT, PRT, for all, classes on marlinspike seamanship, the elements of a "legal order", facing movements, and more. Several cadets promoted up, including - Cadet Coffey promoted up to LC3, Delatte promoted up to LC3, M. Dubos promoted up to SLPO, Varneav promoted up to PO1, I. Dubos promoted up to PO1, and last but not least Leaycraft promoted up to Chief Petty Officer. Congratulations to all our cadets. A BIG thank yo to all of our adults officers and Parent Auxiliary, without you this Division would go down faster than the titanic!!!  

2023 May Drill

Baton Rouge cadets accomplished a lot this weekend while at drill. We passed out poppies around Baton Rouge to support the American Legions awareness for Memorial day; put our American flags at the state capital, and help at the Jambalaya festival in Gonzales. Cadet recruits were given instruction on marching, facing movements, the manual of arms, and other topics in preparation for Recruit Training. We had several cadets making their first drill, so there was a lot of "making new friends" opportunity. We bid farewell to shipmate Freiberger as he turns one page of his life to open another. May he have fair winds and a following seas. Leaguer Dorris crossed over to be Sea Cadet. Cadet Zello called home to tell mom and dad he was surviving his first drill. Cadet Posey received her award from Massing of the Colors. Mr Stuntz showed cadets that even at his "advanced" age he can still crank out FIFTY push-ups!! 

2023 April Drill

Cadets had a great time and the weather was awesome. Cadets enjoyed the Zip Line and built a pull up bar involving digging holes, setting post and pouring concrete.  Completing a project is motivating and satisfying.  Sunday is swim day during April drill.  

2023 Spring Break Activities

During spring break, Baton Rouge Sea Cadets participated in the Tunnel 2 Towers moving memorial for 9/11 at the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival.  Cadets also volunteered at the American Legion Post #38 where cadets work with veterans to clean the attic, trim bushes and trees, and general clean up.  Thank you to all the cadets that served during their spring break, a great example of honor, respect, commitment and service. 

2023 March Drill - Firearms Safety

League Cadet McDonald crossed over to Sea Cadets. We were visited by former Sea Cadet Bohan, currently plebe Bohan, US Merchant Marine Academy (MMA). Bohan helped McDonald to cross over. Afterwards, Bohan spoke to our cadets about life at the MMA and how much he loves being there. Bohan credits his time in the BR Sea Cadets with learning about the MMA, which has changed his life and career plans. After a firearms safety briefing by Mr Kerry Bertrand and his son, Justin (former BR Sea Cadets), cadets fired the USNSCC course of fire. Several of our cadets qualified as Marksman or Expert. All cadets participated in a USNSCC Physical Readiness Test (PRT). Everyone has room for improvement. At dismissal, several cadets were promoted an/or received awards. A big "thank You" goes out to those parents that came out to act as coaches for the firearms training, providing meals and other support. Without your help we could not have had this training!

A very good time was had by all.

2023 Regional Annual Inspection, Awards, and Orion Parade

Baton Rouge Sea Cadets had a full day of activities. First, we prepared and and participated in our annual inspection which was conducted by LCDR Reeder, our Regional Director. We celebrated our celebrating our 25th anniversary as the “Baton Rouge Division”. We then had lunch, gave out awards and promoted cadets.  Medals from the Sons of the American Revolution, Daughters of the American Revolution, American Legion and VFW were presented to cadets. After all of those activities, the cadets Marched in the Orion Mardi Gras parade. 

USNSCC Chief Buckhalter retired and passed the cutlass to USNSCC Chief Martin. Ensign Stuntz assumed the position of XO, Instructor Ryan was promoted to Ensign and LT. Fortier was promoted to LCDR. LTJG Buckhalter retired to join our Parent Auxiliary.

This drill could not have been possible without the hard work of our Parent Auxiliary and parents help, THANK YOU all!

A very good time was had by all.

Gumbo Festival 2023

Baton Rouge Sea Cadets provided an Honor Guard for the Gumbo Festival at the Livingston Parish Fairgrounds today.  They got several compliments form attending veterans. Other cadets provided community service.  Regional Director Reeder visited with the cadets and adults.  We also had a recruiting booth where we handed out flyers and got several new prospects.  Cadets got to inspect a WWII truck complete with M-2 machine guns compliments of Mr John Spinks, one of our supporters.  The weather was ideal.  A good time was had by all. 

January Drill 2023

Our first drill of 2023 is now history, but it was a good one.  The cadets learned about Sexual Harassment, Fraternization, drug reduction and all those other mandatory subjects. The cadets ran a 5K adventure race, had some honor guard practice, had a class on ranks, rates and saluting, and watched a WWII war movie; a good time was had by all. Two League cadets crossed over to be sea cadets and two cadets graduated RT.