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July Drill - Port Hudson Civil War Battlefield / Museum

Baton Rouge Sea Cadets enjoyed the day at Port Hudson Civil War Battle Field and Museum. They watched a live fire demonstration of a civil war musket and a presentation about the pivotable events, tactics and the affect it had on the war. Cadets and officer walked the path and saw the embankments and ramparts build by the confederates in to protect the area. We were joined by a couple of perspectives cadets and their parents. Two new cadets made their first drill. A good time was had by all.

Cadets Varnaev and Stuntz Earn the USNSCC Trident!!

Forty-three Sea Cadets began the Sea Cadet Naval Special Warfare Orientation Course (NSWOC) Prep.  This training is like no other in the US Naval Sea Cadets - it is grueling, unrelenting pain! By last Tuesday they were down to 13 cadets, and by yesterday they were down to 8!  8 out of 43 US Naval Sea Cadets graduated from NSWOC, earning the coveted USNSCC Trident! Of those eight, two are from the Baton Rouge Division!!  Cadets Varnaev and Stuntz have done themselves, their parents and this division proud.  The Baton Rouge Division salutes you!

June Drill - Training with St. George Fire Dept

Seven cadets from the Baton Rouge Division were taught firefighting skills by professional firefighters from the St George FD.  Most all of our other cadets are away at summer trainings. Thank you St George Fire Department for the excellent training and experience.

May Drill - Jambalaya Festival

Baton Rouge Division cadets were joined by cadets from the Acadiana Division and spent a busy weekend at the Gonzales Jambalaya Festival.  In addition to serving the jambalaya, cadets completed a PRT and recruits cadets completed their requirement to attend Recruit Training. A good time was had by all.

April Drill - Horse Care and Agricultural Education

The Baton Rouge Division held their monthly drill today.  It was diverse; we had equestrienne training, PRT, Flag Retirement, and a change of command.  We bid farewell to Cadet Posey as she turned the page of her life to begin a new page with the US Coast Guard.  We all wish cadet Posey Fair Winds and a Following Sea.

Cadets learned about how to care for horses; cleaning hooves, mucking a stall, the different saddles for a horse, different bridlers and tac to be used for different types of riding. And, that horses are used in today's military. Cadets also learned what a a rotary phone is!! LOL!! 

We held a flag retirement for several American flags and conducted a PRT. Finally, LTJG Jeffery Ryan assumed command of the Baton Rouge Division from LT John West.

Baton Rouge Division Annual Banquet

The Baton Rouge Division held it's annual banquet with cadets, parents, officers, parent auxiliary, supporters and honored guests in attendance.  Awards, commendations, Sea Cadet of the Year, League Cadet of the Year, the Sons of the American Revolution Medal, the Daughters of the American Revolution Medal, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Medal, and the American Legion award were presented.  It was a grand event and thanks to our parent auxiliary, we feasted on a fantastic meal. Congratulations to all cadets on their hard earned achievements.

March Drill - Marksmanship Training at Camp Villere

Cadets of the Baton Rouge Division traveled to Camp Villere in Slidell to participate in marksmanship and firearms safety training. Cadets learned how to properly handle firearms, take proper instructions on the line, and clean firearms. Safety was paramount and key at all times. Cadets participated in physical training as part of their preparations for the coming Summer Trainings as well.

February Annual Inspection & Orion Parade

It's that time of year again - Annual Inspection!!  On Saturday, the Baton Rouge Division had a good turn out and cadet looked good.  Prior to the inspection party's arrived cadets made preparations and last minute touchups to their uniforms. RD Reeder and LTJG Perez arrived and conducted the inspection. The division passed inspection overall and cadets performed facing movements with precision and expertise. Good job cadets!

On Sunday, the Baton Rouge Division honor guard led the Orion Parade through the streets of downtown Baton Rouge. These cadets represented the Division with distinction and honor. Thank you cadets for your service.

January Drill at Camp King

The Baton Rouge Div held monthly drill and had a good turnout.  Cadets prepped for annual inspection, updated their ribbon racks, pressed and rolled neckerchiefs. Cadets practiced facing movements and more.

For several weeks prior to drill, the adults planned and plotted a 2+ mile compass course with several different way points along the way.  The cadets were divided into three teams and each team started at a different time.  Each team was issued tactical gear and course directions.  

Former recruits participated in the ceremonial recruit cover retirement ceremony to symbolize becoming full cadets and never having to wear recruit covers again. 

January Repelling Training With St. George Fire Department

Baton Rouge Sea Cadets participated in a training evolution that required them to rappel off a three story building!!  After some classroom time cadets went hands on learning the science of rappelling and also how to control their fear!  Even Mr. Jones rappelled!!  Thank You St George Fire Dept.