Welcome Aboard the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps

Baton Rouge Division Site

Encompassing Hammond, Covington, and LaPlace

2023 Regional Annual Inspection, Awards, and Orion Parade

Baton Rouge Sea Cadets had a full day of activities. First, we prepared and and participated in our annual inspection which was conducted by LCDR Reeder, our Regional Director. We celebrated our celebrating our 25th anniversary as the “Baton Rouge Division”. We then had lunch, gave out awards and promoted cadets.  Medals from the Sons of the American Revolution, Daughters of the American Revolution, American Legion and VFW were presented to cadets. After all of those activities, the cadets Marched in the Orion Mardi Gras parade. 

USNSCC Chief Buckhalter retired and passed the cutlass to USNSCC Chief Martin. Ensign Stuntz assumed the position of XO, Instructor Ryan was promoted to Ensign and LT. Fortier was promoted to LCDR. LTJG Buckhalter retired to join our Parent Auxiliary.

This drill could not have been possible without the hard work of our Parent Auxiliary and parents help, THANK YOU all!

A very good time was had by all.

Gumbo Festival 2023

Baton Rouge Sea Cadets provided an Honor Guard for the Gumbo Festival at the Livingston Parish Fairgrounds today.  They got several compliments form attending veterans. Other cadets provided community service.  Regional Director Reeder visited with the cadets and adults.  We also had a recruiting booth where we handed out flyers and got several new prospects.  Cadets got to inspect a WWII truck complete with M-2 machine guns compliments of Mr John Spinks, one of our supporters.  The weather was ideal.  A good time was had by all. 

January Drill 2023

Our first drill of 2023 is now history, but it was a good one.  The cadets learned about Sexual Harassment, Fraternization, drug reduction and all those other mandatory subjects. The cadets ran a 5K adventure race, had some honor guard practice, had a class on ranks, rates and saluting, and watched a WWII war movie; a good time was had by all. Two League cadets crossed over to be sea cadets and two cadets graduated RT.