Winter Trainings 2022

Happy New Year from the Baton Rouge Division.  The winter training season has been a busy time.  As most were opening presents, twenty three Cadets and Adult volunteers from the Baton Rouge Division attended training across Louisiana, Florida, and South Carolina.  Cadets attended Recruit Training, League Basic Orientation, Honor Guard Training and Petty Officer Leadership Academy.  One cadet earned both the RT Honor Company and Meritorious Recognition ribbon for humanitarian purposes.  Below are some of the pictures from the trainings attended by Cadets.

December Drill - Wreaths across America & Christmas Party

The Baton Rouge Division participated in the Wreaths Across America ceremony at Louisiana National Cemetery, preformed a color guard, provided a battlefield cross, and placed a wreath at the headstone of a former Sea Cadet. The Division had the honor of promoting its first female Chief Petty Officer, CPO Boutwell. The Division was also visited by BR cadet alumni, and current Army Sergeant Dantzler.  At the Christmas party, we bid farewell to Chief West who retired from the Division.  Fair Winds, Chief West. You have been an inspiration to many.

November Drill - Walker Veteran's Day Parade

For November Drill cadets marched in the Walker LA Veteran's Day Parade to honor those who served. From the Baton Rouge Division, thank you to all those who have put on the uniform and served our country. Cadet Joshua West was awarded the rank of Chief Petty Officer!!! Congratulations Chief West!! Cadets marched with the Young Marines and two Midshipmen from the US Naval Academy. After the parade took a picture with Chewbacca, a veteran of the Rebel Alliance. Cadets then went to Bass Pro and took a picture with Santa Clause!!

October Tactical Drill at Fountain Bleu

October drill was exceptional!  Three Navy Sea Bees from Gulfport attended drill to teach the Baton Rouge Division cadets small unit combat tactics.  Navy PO3 Mouton, PO3, Williams, and PO3 Rich.  Cadets were also taught battlefield medical techniques by Inst. Pitre. CO West performed as cook, dish washer and scullery maid.  What a guy!  At the end of drill, Cadets Posey, Leaycraft, Stuntz, C. Dubos, and Dorris received awards from the Navy Sea Bees.

September Drill - Family Day

September drill for the Baton Rouge Sea Cadets was training in manual of arms, PRT, and honor guard etiquette. CPO Moritz graduated from the Sea Cadets with honor. At the end of drill many cadets received awards and several were promoted.  Our adult volunteers were also recognized for their generosity.  LT Fortier received a "one of kind " award.   After drill the cadets and some adults enjoyed a cooling off.

Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank Community Service Activity

The Baton Rouge Division volunteered at the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank on 27 August 2022. Cadets moved and boxed 17,000 pounds of water, food, and drinks. Bravo Zulu Cadets for your service to the community.

July / August- Drug Reduction Advanced Training

Over the July and August Drill weekends the Baton Rouge Division conducted a Drug Reduction Advanced Training. During July drill, Deputy Sheriff Jason Hunt of the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office conducted four hours of DARE / Drug Reduction classroom training. The information provided was important and pertinent for cadets as they may encounter such substances in their lives.

Cadets and adults all had fun during August training. The Livingston Parish Sheriff Officer provided some deputies and K-9 for the event. Cadets made Drug Reduction posters that were posted on the Advanced Training page. Cadets all got wet at the end of the day, even taking the "Leap of Faith for the first time.

Go to the Advanced Trainings July / August 2022 Drug Reduction link in the menu to see pictures of the training.

July / August 2022 Drug Reduction

July 2022 - Water Survival and Basic Fire Fighting at Shell Facility

Thank you Shell Oil Co and Inst Stuntz for allowing Baton Rouge cadets to train at the Robert, LA facility.  Cadets were trained in water survival and basic fire fighting.  This is training professionals in the offshore industry receive. Really good stuff.  Cadets got wet and operated life boat simulators and fire extinguishers.  Just when you think the cadets are "out of gas" they start a basketball game!!

June 2022 - Summer Recruit Training - Louisiana and Florida

Cadets of the Baton Rouge Division participated and staffed recruit trainings in Florida and Louisiana in June of 2022. The recruits learned what it takes to be members of the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps. Senior cadets staffed the trainings and learned more on what it means to be a leader. We of the Baton Rouge Division are proud of all of our cadet. Cadets, you are the 1%. While your peers were playing video games and sleeping late you were out there training from early in the morning until late in the evening. You are the future leaders. Continue to strive for excellence in all you do.

Nation of Patriots - Patriot Tour Color Guard 

Cadets of the Baton Rouge Division participated in a color guard for the Nation of Patriot - Patriot Tour at the American Legion Hall in Baton Rouge. Cadets honored fallen and living veterans with their service and patriotism. Cadets also got to meet Congressman Garrett Graves after the ceremony. Congressman Graves posed with cadets for a photograph, thanked them for their service, and encouraged them. Thank you Congressman Graves for your service and taking the time to talk with the cadets.

June Drill - Jefferson Baptist Church

The Baton Rouge Division had drill at Jefferson Baptist Church. Cadets learned the manual of arms, practiced marching, and Recruits had Sea Bags inspected for RT. CPO Moritz received his CPO Type III tab and certificate in front of the Division. Cadets then relaxed and watched The Hunt for Red October.

Baton Rouge Division Chief Pinning Ceremony

On Saturday 04 June 2022, Cadets Buckhalter, Moritz, and Martin were officially pinned as Chief Petty Officers. The pinning ceremony was attended by family and friends and several retired Navy and Coast Guard chiefs, Senior Chiefs, Master Chiefs and a Command Master Chief, including Chief Frank Masanz, who will be turning 98 years old this year. Louisiana (LA) Cadets Buckhalter, Moritz, and Martin attended Sea Cadets Recruit Training (RT) in Florida (FL) back in the Winter of 2019. Since completing that training they have been known as the FLART cadets. Buckhalter, Moritz, and Martin have walked a long road together and have worked hard to achieve the highest rank attainable in the US Naval Sea Cadets Corps. The Baton Rouge Division is proud of our new 'FLART' Chiefs!!!  

Sea Cadets Jambalaya Festival / League Cadets American Legion Memorial Day Community Service May Drill and National Flight Academy Graduates

The Baton Rouge Division split its forces this weekend and sent the League Cadets to help the American Legion while our Sea Cadets helped at the Gonzales Jambalaya Festival.  Our Sea Cadets practiced close order drill, had an orientation for RT cadets, including a sea bag inspection, and PRT skills.  There was a fierce battle between the Penton twins to determine the winner of the plank competition. Awards and promotions were passed out, including Cadet Martin's receiving his Chief Petty Officer tab. The Sea Cadets bids farewell to Cadet Haydel who has graduated the program. Congratulation to all our cadets receiving promotions. The BR Division also had two cadets graduate the National Flight Academy. Congratulations to Cadets Roshto and Song.

Navy Physical Screening Test Event

Several Baton Rouge Sea Cadets took the Navy Physical Screening Test (PST) which was administered by active duty Navy SEALs and Divers.  The Navy uses this test to help determine qualified applicants for positions in the Navy Special Warfare (NSW) fields.  All cadets completed the test and a couple even passed it!!!  All cadets found out that they could accomplish more than what they thought  they could do by pushing past the pain. Most other young people would not have gotten past the warm up, which took over an hour!! After the PST, cadets and the instructors enjoyed some pizza and a video about Navy SEAL "Hell Week"

Potato Guns, Posting Colors, PRTs, and Promotions

The Baton Rouge Division held their April drill this weekend.  Cadets broke up in to five teams of seven each and built potato cannons, had a class on artillery fire control and trajectory and then shot for score. Cadets ran the Physical Readiness Test (PRT) and almost all pasted with flying colors, several cadets earned ribbons. We welcomed several new cadets to their first drill.  The League Cadet Honor Guard team took first place over two Sea Cadet HG teams.  GO leaguers! Cadets learned the manual of arms and new cadets learned their facing movements. The Baton Rouge Division Has TWO cadets leaving for service academies this summer; Cadet Freeman accepted an appointment to West Point and Cadet Bohan accepted an appointment to the Merchant Marine Academy.  God's speed to both cadets. Inst Pitre was awarded the prestigious "Mr Potato" for his work in developing the course. We had several promotions, including PO1 Buckhalter made Chief Petty Officer, the highest rank for a cadet. CO West received his "Mouse Wings" from CPO Buckhalter.

March Drill - New Orleans Air Show & Field Operations Training

The Baton Rouge Division divided into two teams for the March 2022 drill. The majority of the division attended the New Orleans Air Show at Joint Reserve Base, Belle Chase LA. Cadets saw aircraft in action as well as a variety of static displays from the US Air Force, US Navy, and US Marine Corps. Inst Kelly was officially awarded her Ensign bars. Thank you Ensign Kelly for all the hard work and guidance you have given to the BR Division. A special group of older cadets attended a Field Ops training. This rigorous training lasted the entire weekend. Cadets slept in tents, ate field rations, and trained in ground combat tactics.

Regional Annual Inspection

The Baton Rouge Division participated in the regional annual inspection on 26 Feb 2022. Inspection was conducted by LCDR Reeder and LDCR Cox. Cadets worked hard prior to inspection to prepare uniforms while officers prepared paperwork, files, and finances. The final score was 90.11, the highest in the region according to LCDR Reeder and one of the highest scores achieved by the Baton Rouge Division. At the end of inspection, LT. Fortier was awarded the Meritorious Recognition Ribbon for his service as Commanding Officer for the Baton Rouge Division from 2019 - 2021. Thank you Lt. Fortier for your service to the Division and the US Naval Sea Cadets Corp. Congratulations Cadets and Officers on an excellent inspection.

Annual Banquet and Orion Parade

Baton Rouge Sea Cadets and their families were invited to the Division's annual banquet held at the American Legion Hall in Baton Rouge. Cadets were awarded certificates for ribbons earned through the latter half of 2021. The helm was officially turned over to our new Commanding Officer, LTJG West. Master Chief Jeff Ryan was "promoted" to the rank of Ensign. Cadet Isabella Dubos was awarded the Daughters of the American Revolution Outstanding Cadet Medal. Cadets Boutwell, Martin, Martirossov, Moritz, and Blaise Penton were awarded the Sons of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Medal. Cadet Joshua West was awarded the Veteran of Foreign Wars Naval Sea Cadets Medal. Cadet Matthew Dubos was chosen as the League Cadet of the Year for the Baton Rouge Division and awarded the Navy League Medal with Bronze Boot Aperture. Cadet Buckhalter was chosen as the Baton Rouge Division's Sea Cadet of the Year and awarded the Navy League Medal with Silver Star Aperture. Congratulations to all are cadets!! You worked hard and earned every award. After the banquet, the Baton Rouge Division marched at the front of Orion Mardi Gras Parade carrying the colors. Cadets, we are proud of you. You bring honor to yourselves, the Division, and your Country.

Watson's Bird and Sausage Gumbo Cookoff

Baton Rouge Sea Cadets posted colors and assisted at the Watson Gumbo Cookoff honoring veterans.  Mr. Spinks, one of our supporters, gave cadets a personal tour of his armored "Duce and a quarter".  Adults did some recruiting while cadets sampled all the gumbo, assisted at the cookoff, and enjoyed the different booths.  Cadets also got to speak to and hear stories from vets that have "been there and done that".

January 2022 Drill at Lion King Ministries

It was that time of year again when cadets and adults are "treated" to hours of power point and lectures on the USNSCC Code of Conduct.  Thank you to our adult staff for making these mandatory presentations bearable. LOL! After the presentations, cadets had lunch prepared by our Parent Auxiliary.  After lunch, cadets enjoyed a game or two of foosball to relax.  Then, cadets broke out into different groups to learn firearms maintenance and Honor Guard drill movements/commands.  Leaguers learned the Manual of Arms and painted a donation box. Even with freezing weather and COVID restrictions, cadets had a great drill.

January 2022 Air Gun Competition

The Baton Rouge Division American Legion air gun team shot in competition for the first time today.  Cadets performed well for their first time competing.  Though a couple of cadets were absent due to COVID exposure, Cadets Leaycraft, Morace, Bohan, Martriossov and Varnaev were in attendance.  Thank you to our American Legion coach, Mr. Jeff Antwilder. Special thanks also LT Chris Stegall, USNSCC Lake Charles Chennault Division for informing our unit about the American Legion teams.