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One of the first questions many parents ask after registering their teenager in the Sea Cadets is "How can I get involved?" Within a cadet corps or division, there are always many things to do and extra hands are always welcome. You’ll quickly see that everyone can enjoy the Sea Cadet program, young in age and young at heart!

  • Become an instructor: A member of the Cadet Instructors Cadre, is a civilian instructor or a volunteer! Instructors are responsible for the training, administration and logistics operations of the Division. No previous military experience? No problem! Let the Commanding Officer know if you have special skills! People with experience in Class presentation, boating or maritime navigation are not always easy to find but are always useful. The Division is always looking for first-aid instructors, persons with training in leadership principals, search and rescue and public speaking! More information is available on becoming an instructor.

  • Help out the Division staff! Volunteer at the Division by lending a hand from filing mail to measuring cadets for uniforms. There are many important jobs that require little or no knowledge of the workings of the Sea Cadet Program. Even helping out in the kitchen either cooking or serving meals.

  • Drive! Some activities and events require drivers and vehicles to help take and bring cadets. We are always planning events and trips; we will need drivers and we would welcome parents that would like to get involved in activities with their teens. You may want to leave your name with the Commanding Officer.

  • Join the Parent Committee! This committees is currently in the making, it is being put together by the Division's Executive Officer (XO). The committe is expected to work closely with the division staff to help support the Division and its Cadets. The Sea Cadet Program is a partnership among the Navy, the Navy League and the US Coast Guard and the Cadet's parents. The Parent Committee will be responsible for coordinating with the Division Staff and help facilitate and arrange training events, Cadet's participation in parades, fundrasing, day-trips and other help in keeping the Sea Cadet experience fresh and rewarding.

As a parent you feel responsible for your child's future after he/she graduates from high school. They will be faced with several options to choose from. If your child is considering enlistment into the armed forces after High School, there are some things you as a parent to can do now to help prepare your child for the time before, during, and after their years of service.

The Our Community Salutes is a national, non-profit organization created to recognize and honor graduating high school students and their parents who plan to enlist in the armed services after graduation. They have provided a helpful Parent's Guide which can be found by clicking here.