Plan of the Day (POD):

The POD provides cadets and officers with plan for the training day. Cadets should review the POD to determine reporting time and location, uniform worn, items to pack in their sea bag, and any other pertinent information.

Click the link to view & print the current drill's POD.

Local Orders:

Cadets must bring a copy of their Orders to each drill. Orders show the cadet's parent / guardian has given permission for the cadet to attend drill, provides medical insurance information, and gives the cadet an item of responsibility when reporting to drill.

Click the link to view & print the Local Orders.


Every drill cadets, officers, and participating auxiliary are required to respond to the Monthly Drill Headcount. The Headcount is used to plan for meals, sleeping accommodations, and transportation if needed.

Fill out the Headcount Form and click the Submit button to submit your response for this month's drill.