Facings are movements that can be made either to the right or left, with the exception of about face. While facing, your arms should remain at the position of attention. The following commands describe only the movement to the right. To perform a movement to the left, simply substitute “left” for “right” and “right” for “left.”

Right Face

Right face is a two-count movement started on the commands Right FACE. On the command FACE, (1) raise your left heel and right toe slightly and turn 90° to the right. Keep your left leg straight but not stiff; (2) bring your left heel smartly alongside the right heel and stand at attention.

Eyes Right

When given the commands Eyes RIGHT, smartly turn your head 45° to the right on the command RIGHT. The commands to turn your head back to the position of attention are Ready FRONT. On the command FRONT, snap your head to the front.

About Face

About face is a two-count movement performed on the commands About FACE. On the command About, shift your weight to your left leg without noticeable movement. On the command FACE, (1) place your right toe about 6 inches behind and slightly to the left of your left heel; (2) on the ball of the right foot and the heel of the left foot, turn smartly to the right until you are facing the rear. Your feet will be in the position of attention when the turn is completed if you place your right toe properly behind your left heel.