Welcome!!!  We are glad to see that you are interested in joining us.  But before that happens, we will need to take a few steps. 

Step 1: Verify qualifications

Step 2: Contact Us

We need to know that you’re thinking of joining.  This will help us ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about joining.  By keeping in touch with our staff members, you will have access to guidance on filling out forms and answering any questions unique to you that may arise.  Begin your contact with us by emailing the Commanding Officer.

Step 3: Schedule an Interview with the Commanding Officer

Our commanding officer personally request an audience with each new prospective cadet and parent for an informal initial interview.  The purpose of this interview is to ensure that both the cadet and the parents understand the requirements of the program and the unit.  It also serves as a forum for either party to ask any questions.  Please contact the Commanding Officer to schedule an interview by email at co@usnseacadets.com.

Step 4:  Attend a Weekend Drill

Step 5: Fill out enrollment paperwork

NSCADM 001 - Cadet Enrollment Application 

The following items may be required for the enrollment package if needed:

Step 6: Turn in paperwork and enrollment fees

Step 7:  Indoctrination Period

Contact the Admin Officers at any time during the enrollment process if you have any questions or problems.  We are here to help you and hope to see you drilling with the unit soon.

Use the New Cadet Checklist to ensure all items of the enrollment process are completed.

New Cadet Checklist